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Kepler KIC 8462852 "Discovery" [Oct. 20th, 2015|04:50 pm]
David Burke
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I've always been mildly interested in Astronomy and Astrophysics but I've only recently started to actually comprehend the immensity of the subjects and what they've offered to humanity. I was mildly amused at how the mainstream internet media outlets have been reporting the Kepler discoveries - the way the potentially jargon filled scientific papers have been condensed into culturally relevant statements; the implication that there is currently at this very moment a super advanced Alien civilisation using a Dyson sphere around said star in the Cygnus constellation of our galaxy to power their planets / megastructures or whatever other borderline Startrek designs there may be.

It's a strange conundrum that what is happening in the cygnus constellation according to our perception of the present - and time in general - is actually the true "past" - but past, present and future are all human constructs; that's what starlight is signifying in a way - that eternity is 'timeless' but the scope of it has also been uncovered by science with certain formulas such as "time=distance/speed" etc. The fact that it seems like a current event to us human beings on earth is a testament to the limitations of our anatomy, anthropology and ontology. If we came from this universe in a very slow process of evolution over billions of years then we are in actual fact physical incarnations of stardust, embodying the cosmos and it's age / discernible properties.

Everything that we think we know about our branches of learning and understanding is just humanity's interpretation of the universe - according to what we're capable of comprehending and interpreting. Extra terrestrials may not be carbon based like humans and their "consciousness" may not be something we are capable of understanding - yet these entities may still exist. This is perhaps too unscientific of an explanation because science claims to know objective facts about the universe such as all of the elements it is comprised of and how those compositions are formulated right? Leaving no room for science-fiction speculations based in 'nerdology'.

If it was aliens of a highly advanced kind then it could also be plausible that the UFO stories are true and that we have actually been visited since the occurrence of this irregular star interference / behavior. What if they are a super species of cosmic nomads who target specific stars for properties which we are unaware of (I mean - why that particular KIC star?) and since 1500 years ago they have came to interfere with humanity on earth out of sheer curiosity? Perhaps we are their experiment (to an extent).

Incredibly intriguing to say the least! I love how all of the fields of science, natural philosophy, cosmology etc which address these issues are always emergent and open to changing their opinions and in favour of true objective knowledge. The fruits of such thinking have brought us incredibly far as a species and I think the beauty of emergent processes is the constant room for questions in the name of objective quality.
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Spirited Away - 8 Bit Cinema <3 [May. 8th, 2015|02:00 am]
David Burke
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Shere Khan [Jun. 9th, 2014|10:58 pm]
David Burke
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I haven't mentioned my other musical project before. It's an outlet for my more extreme Metal tastes and I was invited to join by my friend and current housemate Josh Green who is the primary songwriter / lyricist. As time has moved on we have collaborated as more of a joint effort but the first E.P. to come is mostly Josh's song writing with my embellishments. A healthy 70 / 30 % balance I'd say.

We have just released our first single for the E.P. "The Path of Self"entitled "Power Break" (cheesy title straight from Josh's 90s Arcade game inspired brain). The short film was self funded and shot on The Wirral with some amateur actors and an effort from Josh and yours truly. All storyboarding credits go to Josh. Song production to Lee Carmichael in Inertia Studios, Liverpool. Also check out Lee's guitar company at http://www.stemguitars.com

More songs to come along with the E.P. release in the next few months and a gig scheduled for August at this rate. Hitting the practice room with some new members ASAP. Gig is scheduled for August 8th at Bumper Club on Hardman Street, Liverpool.
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Tell it like it is, Tom... [Jan. 3rd, 2010|09:28 pm]
David Burke
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Really kool interview here for any aspiring musicians. Tom Delonge is one of the most successful men in the music industry and what alot of people don't realise is also how intelligent he is:

I couldn't agree more with what he's saying about image. To me a band's music goes hand in hand with the 'vibe' it creates and the emotions those vibes evoke in people. When it comes to visually representing your band the logos, graphics, merch and even the way the band dresses on stage should reflect the vibe and emotion which the music brings. The successful combination of all of these things should really make it easy to connect with an audience and encourage them to buy your merch, visit your website etc. In my opinion this is the key to growing as a musician in the industry.

Nice Maiden reference at 3:20 too :-)
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